J Street can’t quite bring itself to see Israel for what it is

The supposedly progressive new pro-Israel lobby group J Street is getting heaps of mainstream traction. But post the recent UN report on Gaza, its statement is shamefully weak:

J Street has reviewed the Goldstone report in its entirety over the past several days.

J Street agrees with Israelis, such as Minister Isaac Herzog, that some of the concerns with the report would have been better addressed had the Israeli Government cooperated with the investigation in presenting its own findings.

We urge the Israeli government to establish an independent state commission of inquiry to investigate the accusations, something Israel has done on several occasions in the past.

J Street strongly condemns Hamas for its actions both before and during the Gaza war – actions which the report says may amount to crimes against humanity.

The past cannot be changed by reports and commissions.…  Israelis, Palestinians and the international community led by the United States must focus on forging a better future – beginning with this week’s trilateral meeting hosted by President Obama.

Purposeful and assertive action is needed now to avert future rounds of violence and bloodshed. A two-state solution, achieved in short order, is the best alternative for Israel to ongoing insecurity and endless rounds of investigations and international opprobrium.

J Street will continue to focus on advancing this goal and supporting those with the courage to lead the way in making the right choices and tough compromises necessary to achieve peace and security in the Middle East and to advance American interests in the region.

Any condemnation of Israeli actions during the war, which did, after all, kill over 1400 people?

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