Just the kind of man to take a country into war

Johann Hari, The Independent, May 14:

Blair knew suprisingly little about American power and its purposes. In a conversation with John Snow, he revealed he had never heard of Mohammed Mossadeq, the democratic leader of Iran who was toppled by the CIA in 1953 because he wanted to control his own country’s oil supplies. As recently as 2005, he had never even heard of the Project for a New American Century.

One friend of Blair’s recently told me she was shocked in 1997 when she saw Blair welcoming Henry Kissinger into Downing Street and lauding him as a great statesman and friend of democracy. She challenged him over it, but discovered “he just doesn’t know about this history – how the Americans toppled democratic governments in Latin America and the Middle East. He really didn’t know anything about it. It was shocking.”

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