Who cares what the Iraqis want?

John McCain says it doesn’t matter what the American and Iraqi people want. He knows what’s best:

John McCain tried to argue to Tim Russert that what the Iraqis want doesn’t matter. And for McCain, their views don’t matter, since neither the Iraqi nor American publics know more than McCain what’s best for them. But will he say that to the Generals in the Pentagon? We’ll see. If by September, American casualties are still running high, the American and Iraqi legislatures have voted to end the occupation, and the Generals agree, the only people left to help McCain’s son and the British heir continue the US occupation of Iraq will be the children of Georgy Bush, Dick Cheney, Joe Lieberman, and Mitt Romney. That should settle the matter fairly quickly.

What matters is what is good for America, Iraqi and American people be damned.

Staying in Iraq, he said, is the best course of action “in our nation’s national security interest.”

And what might that “national security interest” be, John?

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