Leading American Zionist worries about end of Jewish state

Jeffrey Goldberg (see here for his glorious record of loving American/Israeli-led wars) is one of America’s most read Zionists with access to Barack Obama. That supposedly makes you important in establishment media land when it really means you’re a water carrier for war-friendly policies (especially over Iran).

Having said all that, Goldberg has expressed increasing concern over Israeli colonisation of the West Bank. Compared to the vast bulk of Zionist lobbyists, who seem incapable of saying anything critical of Israel, Goldberg isn’t totally removed from reality. Two short passages are worth publishing.


I think Israel is heading down a dangerous path, toward its own, eventual dissolution, because it refuses to contemplate even unilateral half-measures that could lay the groundwork for a Palestinian state. I’ve been arguing for years that the settlers are the vanguard of binationalism, and now they’re closer to the center of power than ever before.


The Jewish Home party advances an ideology that will bring about the destruction (the self-destruction) of Israel. The Jewish Home party seeks to erase the dividing line between Israel and the West Bank; it seeks to build more and more settlements; it seeks to absorb the West Bank’s Arabs into Israel as, at the most, second-class citizens. It seeks to empower Orthodox religious nationalism as the dominant ideology of the state… turn Israel into the Jewish equivalent of a sharia state. And its policies would turn Israel into a pariah state, and Israel will not survive for the long-term as a pariah state.

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