Likud warns against expanding settlements while supporting a regime that backs expanding settlements

Likud Minister Michael Eitan tells his settler brothers and sisters that Greater Israel is never going to happen (ignoring the fact that his government is currently working towards the time when it’s impossible to reverse the settlements; arguably,… that’s already happened):

You can’t deceive all the time and speak about Greater Israel. It’s a dream that will not be able to be fulfilled. The vast majority is willing to make significant concessions for peace. Everyone wants an agreement. I tried to stop smoking 100 times, and I didn’t succeed. On the 101st try, I succeeded. We have to try again and again and again until we reach an agreement, but without conceding security or the crucial interests of the State of Israel. We have to choose between a state with a Jewish majority and a state with an Arab majority. I doubt whether we will have a Jewish majority in the state by 2020.

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