Making peace with only one side

The Independent’s Robert Fisk, in his regular Saturday column, highlights the unspoken reality of last week’s Vice Presidential debate:

Palestinians ceased to exist in the United States on Thursday night. Both Joe Biden and Sarah Palin managed to avoid the use of that poisonous word. “Palestine” and “Palestinians” – that most cancerous, slippery, dangerous concept – simply did not exist in the vice-presidential debate. The phrase “Israeli occupation” was mercifully left unused. Neither the words “Jewish colony” nor “Jewish settlement” – not even that cowardly old get-out clause of American journalism, “Jewish neighbourhood” – got a look-in. Nope.

Those bold contenders of the US vice-presidency, so keen to prove their mettle when it comes to “defence”, hid like rabbits from the epicentre of the Middle East earthquake: the existence of a Palestinian people. Sure, there was talk of a “two-state” solution, but it would have mystified anyone who didn’t understand the region.

What Fisk doesn’t mention is how the power of the Zionist lobby in the US and Jewish money grease the corridors of power. Even if a politician wants to criticise something about Israel’s behaviour – though both Palin and Biden “love” Israel like it’s somebody they want to make love to – the lobby would slander that person to high heaven.

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