Palestinian killed in Gaza and Israel blinks

Maybe one day, when thousands more Palestinians have been murdered by Israel, the Zionist Diaspora will realise what they’ve backed for decades. And people will not forget:

The Israeli human rights group B’Tselem has released video footage showing an unarmed Palestinian protester in Gaza being shot by an Israeli soldier on Wednesday.

Ahmad Sliman Salem Dib, 19, later died from wounds at Gaza City’s Shifaa Hospital.

In video footage filmed by B’Tselem’s Gaza field research officer Muhammad Sabah, a group of Palestinian and foreign protesters can be seen walking from the al-Shaj’iya neighbourhood, east of Gaza, towards the double wire fence that separates Gaza from Israel.

Israeli security forces have declared a 300-metre ”no-go” zone inside the fence.

In the video demonstrators are seen a few dozen meters from the border, facing an Israeli military post. A soldier is seen near the post. None of the protesters are armed.

Some in the crowd are seen throwing stones at the military post. Then there is the sound of a single gunshot. Mr Dib is seen being evacuated to receive medical treatment.

B’Tselem says a previous shot, fired approximately 10 minutes earlier, was not captured on film.

The organisation says it is in no doubt that the shot was fired by Israeli security forces.

In response to questions posed by The Age, IDF spokesmen refused to confirm or deny whether a shot was fired, or who might have been responsible. ”The matter is being investigated by the IDF Southern Command,” the IDF said.

”The area adjacent to the security fence is considered a combat zone and the presence of terrorist elements in the area endangers the citizens of the state of Israel as well as the security forces operating in the area.”

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