Paying a price for collusion

Israeli chocolate company Max Brenner is a perfect target for a boycott against companies that support the Jewish state’s occupation of Palestinian land.

From small acorns, bigger campaigns will grow:

Palestinian solidarity activists launched a campaign last week targeting Israeli-owned chocolate franchise Max Brenner as part of a growing international movement to boycott Israeli products.

A handful of protestors took up positions outside the Max Brenner outlet in the Sydney CBD near Wynyard Station on February 12 during peak hour.

The protest group distributed leaflets urging people to boycott Israeli goods, in particular Max Brenner.

“[Max Brenner] is not a chocolatier that deserves our support. Choose an alternative to Max Brenner and apply the pressure on Israeli goods that support war crimes and occupation,” the leaflet said.

The leaflet also criticised a section found on the website of Strauss-Elite -– owners of international Max Brenner stores and one of the largest food corporations in Israel -– for expressing support for Israeli soldiers.

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