Rachel Corrie is illegally boarded

Looks like Israel’s trigger-finger was on holiday this Sabbath:

Israel Defense Forces soldiers on Saturday boarded the Gaza-bound aid ship “Rachel Corrie,” and directed it toward the the Israeli port city of Ashdod. The move came after warnings that Israel would not allow the vessel to reach Gaza, which is under blockade by Israel, and several days after an Israel Navy takeover of another boat headed for the Hamas-ruled coastal strip ended in violent clashes and the deaths of nine passengers.

The Cambodian-flagged Rachel Corrie – named for an American college student who was crushed to death by an IDF bulldozer in 2003 while protesting Israeli house demolitions in Gaza – was carrying hundreds of tons of aid, including wheelchairs, medical supplies and cement.

Israel has kindly released this video showing the seizure of the boat (again in international waters):

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