Settlers define the Israeli way of life

Gideon Levy in Haaretz asks the settlers a few questions and knows he will never receive satisfactory answers. Occupation is their way of life, supported, funded and backed by the Western powers. Prove us wrong:

Try to get their opinion on how things will look here in another decade or two. For how many more years can 3.5 million people live without any civil rights? For how many more years will the world continue to turn a blind eye and remain silent? What will become of a state that is dependent on others like no other country? And what will happen when the Palestinians become the majority? The settlers will be evasive in their response. Make them give one.

Let’s ask and then try to understand. We will continue to indulge your religious whims and territorial lust, but give us an answer on where you think all this will lead. Will Jewish immigrants relocate to the territories by the millions? And if not? Will the Arabs continue to compromise, beg and submit? And if they don’t? Will the Palestinians live forever under apartheid conditions? And if they don’t? Will the world keep quiet and will America continue to act like Israel’s patron state? And if not?

Perhaps God will help. But what if he doesn’t?

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