Tell us about your non-believing and non-Zionist friend

This Israeli campaign is almost unimaginably crass:

A day after mounting a scare-tactic campaign to prevent the assimilation of Diaspora Jews, the Prime Minister’s Office and Jewish Agency received some 200 calls, most of them reporting names of Jews living abroad.

However, many callers also blasted the campaign – which describes assimilation as a “strategic national threat.”

The campaign, which launched on Wednesday, urges Israelis to report the particulars of acquaintances living abroad so that these people, who are “in danger” of marrying non-Jews, can be persuaded to come to Israel.

Here’s the video distributed around the world. It’s in Hebrew but the message is clear enough:

Once again, we see Zionism attempting to shift its PR message. Ignore the occupation, ignore the racism and ignore the West Bank settlements. By focusing on this supposed “threat”, we see a ham-fisted attempt to convince Jews that Israel and Zionism is the only way forward. Thankfully, as polls attest in the US especially, many young Jews are turning away from Israel.

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