The Gaza life

While Amira Hass discusses the Gaza breakout that never happened, Prof. Abdelwahed from the Department of English in the Faculty of Arts & Humanities at Al-Azhar University of Gaza reveals life via email in the Israeli-controlled strip:

1- We have been without electric power supply for almost two days.

2- Gaza authorities have run out of chlorine which they add to water for health reasons. Thus, there are calls and mobile messages distributed to almost everyone in which there are warnings against the bad (indeed dangerous) quality of water. The warning adds that people must boil water before drinking it. It seems that we are going back to the dark ages.

3- Dozens of local made rockets have been launched at Israeli areas today and a man was killed in Sderot. In response, the Israeli army killed 8 adults and 3 children in Gaza today.

4- People fear that tonight they will witness massive Israeli air strikes. Several have already occurred today.… 

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