The Gaza that the world doesn’t want to see

The alleged emergence of al-Qaeda groups in Gazapossibly backed and funded by Fatah and the Arab states – continues to cause uncertainty in the Strip:

Palestinian Hamas authorities on Thursday deployed police heavily on main streets and junctions in the Gaza Strip a few days after two strong blasts hit the city with no reports of casualties.

“The deployment comes as part of a plan to strengthen order and security in the Strip,” said Rafeeq Abu Hani, a police spokesman.

The policemen were seen stopping cars, searching them and inspecting the identities of travelers, especially on the roads linking the Gaza’s south and north towns.

The two explosions took place near two Hamas security compounds in the west of Gaza city.

No one has claimed responsibility for the blasts, which followed threats by a radical Muslim Salafi group to retaliate forthe death of its leader and a group of the al-Qaida-style fighters in August clashes with Hamas in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah.

Meanwhile, Israel furthers the illusion of destroying the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza by bombing a tunnel in the southern Strip. Nothing will change and the tunnels will continue bringing life-saving goods.

According to Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz – a man who hasn’t been to Gaza in years (if ever?) and receives his information directly from the Israeli Foreign Ministry – he knows Gaza very well:

The people of Gaza really believe that the Holocaust never occurred. They really believe that firing rockets at schoolchildren is God’s will. They really believe that Jews are a combination of the devil, monkeys, pigs and vermin. They really believe that Jews control the world and that US President Barack Obama is a puppet whose strings are pulled by hook-nosed “Yids.” They really believe that Israel doesn’t want peace and seeks to destroy the Islamic world and its holy places.

This is complete garbage. Having recently spent time in Gaza and actually spoken to people there, I found very little anti-Semitism or hatred of Israel. If Jews are stereotyped, it’s called anti-Semitism. If Jews presume what Palestinians think, it’s simply common-sense.

Zionism gets more desperate by the day.

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