The marriage made in hell: Christion Zionists and Jews get down and dirty

The recent Christians United for Israel conference in Israel was a unique opportunity to see up close the growing Christian Zionist movement (and their desperate Jewish mates) defend every Israeli action. They’re a threat and should not be ignored. They’re loving Israel to death.

Max Blumenthal provides some other details about CUFI’s John Hagee:

Hagee’s ceremony featured a 15-minute film highlighting the recipients of donations from John Hagee Ministries that totaled $58 million since 2001. The recipients included Jewish settlements from the West Bank like Gush Etzion and Shomron, which was involved in promoting an “Obama Hilltop project” that promoted more settlement building and compared Obama to Pharoah. Hagee also announced funding for a pressure group run by the settlers evacuated from Gush Katif in Gaza in 2005. During Israel’s assault on Gaza in 2009, a group of Gush Katif residents lobbied the Israel government to allow them to resettle the Palestinian coastal region.

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