The people of Gaza are too fat and healthy

Zionist lobbyists, get a grip:

A pro-Israeli advocacy organization is throwing a cocktail party in New York Monday night to discuss a… phenomenon… it says is a crisis in Gaza: Palestinians are too fat.

“[T]he only humanitarian crisis in Gaza is OBESITY,” the group… Fuel For Truth said in an email inviting young Jewish professionals to a promotional event at a lower Manhattan bar.

The subject line of the email was “Media Launch Party: Drinks and Fat Gazans.”

The group also included a video apparently mocking the situation Gaza. The video did not mention that the United Nations and all international aid groups agree that there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza resulting from Israel’s blockade of the territory, a measure which the Red Cross says is illegal under international law.

In its video the group said Palestinians are receiving too much aid, despite the fact that, as the UN noted in a report last week, the number of truckloads of goods entering Gaza is still at only one-fifth of the level before the blockade was imposed in June 2007.

On its website Fuel For Truth (FFT) says it… “equips young Americans with the basic facts and skills necessary to advocate to young adults, to increase support for Israel and America through education of radical Islamic terror.”

The group also holds a regular “boot camp” for pro-Israeli activists and says Israel lobbyists should “arm themselves,” with information, presumably.

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