The quick flotilla round-up (aka Israel has lost it)

Zionist groups in the US wish Barack Obama was more supportive and remain disappointed that the American President hasn’t invaded Turkey.

Israel’s Deputy UN Ambassador says whatever his government tells him to say.

Israel’s President Shimon Peres – the best friend apartheid South Africa could ever havesays that the Israeli soldiers were “humane”. Yes, the ones who killed the peace activists.

Israel claims that a hardcore group of Turkish jihadists were willing to sacrifice their lives in the pursuit of harming Israel and helping Gaza.

The American Zionist lobby is furious that Israel hadn’t given them more information and warning about their actions on the high seas. They need to know when innocent civilians will be murdered and how to spin it:

“There’s a lot of anger about the hasbara [public diplomacy], how it was handled,” said Malcolm Hoenlein, executive head of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. “Why did it take so long to get the films [of the ship-board violence] out? It appears [the soldiers] weren’t prepared for what they found, even though they knew what they were going to find.”

The Jewish community supports Israel, Hoenlein said. “People see the overkill against Israel, the biased reporting. Of course, every time the UN gets involved, Jews automatically [turn] against it.”

But, he lamented on Tuesday, “We’re only now coming to terms with the facts.” And that’s a shame, because “the facts make the case for Israel.”

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