The real legacy of Ariel Sharon

In the wake of the Hamas victory in the Palestinian territories and the sickness of Ariel Sharon, the Middle East is again in flux. For those in Sydney, I’ll be speaking at the following event on Thursday, February 2 at 7pm at the Humanist Society Bldg, 10 Shepherd St (transport: off Broadway, near corner City Rd.)

The event is organised by the Socialist Worker.

– Antony Loewenstein (freelance journalist & author, currently writing book on the Israel/Palestine conflict)
– Jarvis Ryan (ISO)

“The demise of Ariel Sharon led to outpourings of praise from governments and media worldwide. They presented an image of a man who made the transition from soldier to ‘man of peace’. His withdrawal of settlers from Gaza and founding of the political party Kadima are said to show his commitment to putting the peace process back on track. But Sharon opposed every genuine attempt to deliver peace with the Palestinians. This forum will critically examine the motivations behind the Gaza pullout, and look at the prospects for peace and justice in the Middle East in the post-Sharon era.

“All welcome.”

This is the first of many public talks I will be conducting in the coming months.