The Tamil longing for homeland doesn’t end after the war

The Tamils are once again an electoral force in Sri Lanka, despite the atrocities committed against them.

But the memory of homeland continues:

Shanaathanan Thamotharampillai is a Tamil artist from Sri Lanka who is currently completing his PhD in art history at Jawaharlal Nerhu University, New Delhi.

When asked by the curator of the Museum of Anthropology how he would describe imaging home in terms of a question it asks, Shanaathanan answered, “How do the emotional and material boundaries of a Diasporic…  home exist? And how do they interact and transform each other?”

With the help of the Vancouver Tamil community at large and the Canadian Tamil Congress’s Vancouver chapter, the artist started the project in September of 2009. The finished project is now on display at the Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver under the title “Imag(in)ing ‘Home”: