This is modern Labor; helping disaster capitalism thrive

Which companies would benefit from such an arrangement? The Australian Labor Party has always been in love with helping the American war machine and here’s the latest evidence (via the Courier Mail):

She’s been called “Captain Bligh”, now the Premier wants Navy subs based in Queensland to guard the state’s rich gas and coal reserves.

With HMAS Cairns the only major naval base on Queensland’s coastline, Anna Bligh has urged the Australian Defence Force to relocate its submarines to the Port of Brisbane.

It follows Defence Minister Stephen Smith’s call for the ADF to consider “the rise of the need for energy security”.

Earlier this year Mr Smith announced a Force Posture Review to determine whether the ADF was positioned in the right places in Australia to meet current and future strategic challenges. A review panel asked for submissions by mid-September.

If Ms Bligh convinces the Navy to relocate some of its strike force, allowing them to be closer to the Asia-Pacific, millions of dollars could be injected into the state economy.

“As Defence chiefs plan for the next 25 years, we are pointing out that there are big opportunities here particularly in Cairns, Townsville, Central Queensland and Brisbane to support the ADF’s future operations,” Ms Bligh said.

“Queensland is also the world’s largest maritime exporter of coal and has significant coal seam gas reserves and bauxite deposits. The future security of these resources should be considered by the ADF.”

The State Government’s submission also included opening up naval berths in Brisbane and Townsville, while Cairns would become a major support base.