Throwing money to Abbas won’t halt the dogs of war

The startling ineptitude and chosen powerlessness of Barack Obama, after speaking in Washington to Palestinian puppet leader Mahmoud Abbas:

U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday called on Israel to work with all parties to find a solution for Gaza and offered the Palestinians $400 million in new aid as Washington sought to contain the fallout from Israel’s raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla.

In remarks made as he met Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Obama urged Israel to curb settlement activity and called on the Palestinians to prevent any actions that could incite confrontation.

Obama called on Israel to reassess its blockade on the Gaza Strip – but said the best guarantee of a solution was an independent Palestinian state.

“There should be means by which we will be able to stop flow of arms that endanger Israel’s security,” Obama said.

“If we can get a new conceptual framework, we should be able to take what is a tragedy and create an opportunity so the lives of people of Gaza are improved. But in the long run the way to solve this problem is creation of the Palestinian state and ensuring Israel’s security.”

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