Troubles remain in the Gaza Strip

ABC Radio provides an on-the-ground report from inside Gaza, a short while since the “lifting” of the Israeli siege:

PETER CAVE: The calm waters of the Mediterranean lap the shores of Gaza’s fishing port as the fishing boats come in with their catches and load them onto donkey carts to go to market.

(Sound of bridle jangling)

But in the distance it is just possible to make out an Israeli patrol boat, making sure the fishermen do not stray more than the permitted three nautical miles – a limit the fishermen say has driven them into poverty.

Ali Al Ribae has given up trying to catch fish. He sneaks into Egyptian waters and buys his catch from Egyptian fishermen.

ALI AL RIBAE: The Israelis are not allowing us for more than three miles. If they open the sea for us it would, of course, be much better for Al Arish or going to buy from Al Arish, but the Israelis are not allowing us more than three miles.

For us, there is no fish in these three miles. I’m not allowed to fish in my sea. They close their eyes if you go to buy the fish from Egypt, but they don’t allow you to fish in your sea.

For me, that doesn’t make any sense.

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