Washington Post considers the argument for racial division in Palestine

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting on another corporate media moment of ignorance and bias:

The headline of this Washington Post piece today (4/26/10) is certainly not promising:

“Sharing a West Bank Highway Proves a Tall Order for Israel, Palestinians”

The highway in question was built by the Israeli government on occupied Palestinian territory. Since 2000, Israeli authorities have barred Palestinians from using the road. They are now offering to open just two on-ramps for use by Palestinians, who would be searched upon entering the road. And the highway would still not provide access to the crucial Palestinian city of Ramallah.

So what would justify the notion that Palestinians, like Israelis, aren’t doing their part to “share”? Nothing. This is the only explanation of any sort that the Post‘s…  Janine Zacharia offers:

“The debate over Highway 443 illustrates a fundamental rub in the West Bank: If the Israelis and Palestinians can’t agree over how to share nine miles of pavement, how will they ever resolve the far more complex issues that divide them?

“From an Israeli viewpoint, allowing Palestinians on the road increases the risk of violence and adds traffic. To Palestinians, the road is another example of Israel’s reluctance to make life easier for them in occupied areas.”

Perhaps segregationists in the United States lodged similar complaints about overcrowding too.

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