We should rule the airwaves

Israel’s culture of victimhood – the whole world hates us and we’ll do everything to convince them that we’re arrogant – continues with this revealing encounter at the UN recently.

Israel’s PR strategy is so shambolic and useless, one wonders if it’s been designed by a bar-mitzvah student on crack:

The Israeli government butted heads Thursday with the U.N. Correspondent’s Association, protesting the group’s decision to organize a press viewing of a film shot by a passenger on the aid ship Mavi Marmara as it was raided by Israeli commandos. Israel claimed it was prohibited from showing its own film version of events and making a statement at the press conference.

But the U.N. press club’s president, Giampaolo Pioli, shot back hours later with a letter saying that Israel’s spokeswoman, Mirit Cohen, turned down an offer to show Israel’s film, presumably because she did not want to answer questions from the press attending the event.…  “Allow us to remind you that it was you who turned down our offer to present your Israeli film,” Pioli wrote. The press club also released an email exchange between Pioli and Cohen as corroborating evidence.

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