Well done global Jewish Diaspora, you have created a monster inside Israel

The rise and rise of Jewish extremists in Israel – funded, backed, endorsed and often armed by the Zionist state – brings the issue of a Jewish Hizbollah upon us. Mark Perry writes in Foreign Policy:

“I don’t want to exaggerate, but it’s time to call this what it is,” a veteran IDF officer noted in a recent telephone conversation on the Nablus incident. “It might be news in America, but it’s no secret in Israel. This is a very real crisis. What we have here is the birth of a state within a state. The birth of a kind of Jewish Hezbollah.” This former officer went on to speculate that “what is emerging in the West Bank” is “a three-state solution: Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and, standing between them, a radical settler state.” Yehuda Shaul, an organizer of Breaking The Silence — a group of IDF soldiers committed to publicizing the reality of being an Israeli soldier in the West Bank — is unwilling to go that far, though he confirms that the series of escalations between settlers and the IDF has roiled the Israeli military. “The IDF is in the West Bank to control tens of thousands of Palestinians,” he notes, “but they’re having the most trouble controlling the settlers. It’s quite an irony.”

Israeli historian… Yehuda Bauer tells Al-Jazeera that a genocidal-minded, minority groups of Jews have the potential to cause havoc:

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