What some radical Jews need to hear

After the New York Times editorialised about the Middle East peace process and essentially repeated Obama administration talking points, the Los Angeles Times, while equally believing in the impossible two-state solution, challenges the Zionist spokespeople who claim Obama is anti-Israel:

Evenhandedness usually is considered to be a positive attribute in diplomacy, but when it comes to the Middle East, many Israelis and their supporters see it as code for a pro-Arab policy. In that view, President Obama’s insistence that Israel freeze Jewish settlement construction is anti-Israeli and a sop to the Arab street. That’s wrong. Obama has committed himself to a comprehensive peace that would give Palestinians a state of their own and provide Israel with security and recognition from the wider Arab world. This is the right goal, but it cannot be achieved if Israel continues to expand settlements and create new “facts on the ground” ahead of a negotiated agreement.

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