What the Zionist mind has become since 1948

Daniel Pipes is loved by the fundamentalist Zionist community, invited, feted and respected for views such as these:

The Palestinians must be made to understand in the deepest recesses of their consciousness that they are a defeated people.


His latest essay is introduced to his readers thus:

I have written over 300 pieces on the Arab-Israeli conflict and have been crafting the essay offered below for about a decade.

At just over 2,500 words in length, it provides a distillation of my thinking on this topic.

His key message?

The Palestinians’ defeat will be recognizable when, over a protracted period and with complete consistency, they prove that they have accepted Israel. This does not mean loving Zion, but it does mean permanently accepting it — overhauling the educational system to take out the demonization of Jews and Israel, telling the truth about Jewish ties to Jerusalem, and accepting normal commercial, cultural, and human relations with Israelis.

Palestinian démarches and letters to the editor are acceptable but violence is not. The quiet that follows must be consistent and enduring. Symbolically, one can conclude that Palestinians have accepted Israel and the war is over when Jews living in Hebron (on the West Bank) have no more need for security than Arabs living in Nazareth (in Israel)…

Diplomacy aiming to shut down the Arab-Israeli conflict is premature until Palestinians give up their anti-Zionism. When that happy moment arrives, negotiations can re-open and take up anew the Oslo issues — borders, resources, armaments, sanctities, residential rights. But that is years or decades away. In the meantime, an ally needs to win.

Pipes is an extremist whose ideas are embraced by those who loathe Arabs, Palestinians and Muslims and in reality have no real issue with Israel occupying them forever.

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