Why can’t colonists expand and get some Arab love?

Illegal settlers in the West Bank just want to reach out to the world and get some understanding:

I am a settler, the daughter of settlers. My husband (or “partner” or “other half” or whatever you call it) is also of that ilk. A settler. And with the precepts of our forefathers in mind, and our genetic makeup, we are looking for a plot of land, a home. We are searching for a new place, one that is young and where religious and secular people live side by side (“mixed”). A place whose future has not yet been set, and if possible, not in the heart of the Arab population. What can I do – I don’t want to dispossess Arabs of their lands.

In short, we are looking for a hilltop.

One of these hilltops had a special attraction for us. It has a mixed population, an excellent location, is close to civilization but not too close, without any Arab villages nearby. A young community, with young people who have a dream, and all the intrigues of any small community.

This is really rich. Settlements in the West Bank are illegal under international law and many Jews, though far from all, are radical racists who loath Arabs.

That’s the occupation.

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