With heads in the sand and nowhere to go but down

After the Gaza flotilla massacre, at least some of the American mainstream are actually reporting on the reality in Gaza itself. People may not be starving there but they’re living without dignity and humanity. A breeding ground for terrorism.

There is certainly some Zionist self-criticism (here and here) that clearly outlines the utterly futile Gaza siege and actions on the high seas. Sabotaging the Jewish state with the eyes wide open.

Former New York Times correspondent in Gaza, Taghreed El-Khodary, says that Hamas has only been strengthened by the siege and the flotilla disaster.

Both former US ambassador Edward Peck and Sydney Morning Herald reporter, Paul McGeough – detained in Israel for a few days and now released to Turkey – both recall moments of terror when Israeli commandoes stormed the ships at sea and terrorised the activists (and some photos of the raids have been saved by an Australian photographer).

But not to worry, here’s a very mainstream Israeli view of Arabs and Western criticisms against the Jewish state:

The Arab culture of lies guarantees that they will remain mired in a cesspool of misery, inadequacy, and failure.

And so, the Gaza-bound thugs got nowhere close to the Strip. Soon they will be swept aside and forgotten in the Mideastern maelstrom, as bigger news take over. As to the Arab and Muslim world, just like the Gaza flotilla, it will continue to sail nowhere, caught between the waves of its own miserable lies.

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