Yet another lovely friend of Israel

Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard recently led a delegation to Israel. It was a trip of stunning insignificance. Slogans were expressed, Palestine was largely ignored and Israel was blindly supported.

This week’s Australian Jewish News features an “interview” with Gillard. It’s quite an achievement for the reporter and Gillard herself to say nothing of note whatsoever throughout the whole piece:

Gillard said the forum and the rest of her time in Israel demonstrated to her that, excluding the security situation, the two countries had wide-ranging commonalities.

“I think both countries visualise themselves as having a highly skilled, high-tech, high-innovation future,” Gillard said.

She echoed a thought that appears to be verbalised more and more in recent months: that Australia has a lot to learn from Israel, particularly in the high-tech field.

The Zionist establishment is pleased with platitudes and wholesome statements about Israel “striving for peace.”

Most political and media whores are more than happy to ignore the occupation (because the Zionist-led trip doesn’t take them there.)

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