Zionist occupiers abuse children in the name of “democracy”

The sheer desperation of these actions show what Israel has become. Foul:

Israeli Channel 10 TV aired yesterday footage filmed by Nariman and Bilal a-Tamimi, volunteers in B’Tselem’s video project and residents of Nabi Saleh, offering a rare glimpse into a new method employed by the army: soldiers enter homes at night to photograph youngsters from the village. The soldiers enter the homes and demand that every child and youth over the age of 10 be wakened. They then photograph the minors and leave. B’Tselem knows of at least four incursions of this kind during January 2011.

The army uses the photographs to identify minors who throw stones during the regular Friday demonstrations in the village. Soldiers then return to their homes at night and arrest them.

The footage also shows the arrest of a 14-year-old youth on 23 Jan.’11. The soldiers refused to enable his parents to accompany him and treated them rudely. The youth was interrogated without his parents present and is still under arrest, more than three weeks later

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