“After Zionism” begins now

I’m pleased to announce that my new book, After Zionism, co-edited with Ahmed Moor, is now available in the UK, in bookstores across Australia, Amazon UK and Kindle (many other places and formats to come). The coming months will see a range of media and events in a host of countries and outlets.

But first this in Sydney on 2 August, part of University of Sydney’s Sydney Ideas program (all details about the event are… here):


A conversation with Antony Loewenstein, journalist and Associate Professor Jake Lynch, Centre of Peace and Conflict Studies

Co presented with the… the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the University of Sydney

The Israel/Palestine ‘peace process’ has failed and the occupation has never been more pervasive. The prospect of a two-state solution, a position advocated by all Western countries, is increasingly criticised as being at odds with the realities of the conflict. Jake Lynch and Antony Loewenstein have spent years contemplating these issues and here present new work that takes the debate further.

Loewenstein has co-edited a new collection, with Ahmed Moor,… After Zionism, which presents the world’s leading writers on ways to achieve the only democratic outcome in the Middle East, a one-state solution. Lynch has written a paper, “Beyond Coincidence and Conspiracy Theory”, that analyses the relationship between Australia and Israel and the ways in which Canberra’s attitude towards the conflict is routinely pulled in a range of directions. Lynch and Loewenstein will also discuss the current proposals for BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) against Israel.

Antony Loewenstein

Antony Loewenstein… is a freelance journalist, author and blogger. His bestselling book on the Israel/Palestine conflict,… My Israel Question… (2006), was shortlisted for the 2007 New South Wales Premier’s Literary Award and this was followed by… The Blogging Revolution… (2008), both titles now in translation. He is co-editor, with Jeff Sparrow, of… Left Turn: political essays form the new left(2012), and is working on a book and film about disaster capitalism. His new book, co-edited with Ahmed Moor, is… After Zionism: One State for Israel and Palestine… (2012).

Associate Professor Jake Lynch

Associate Professor Jake Lynch… is Director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPACS) at the University of Sydney. He is an Executive Member of the Sydney Peace Foundation and Secretary General of the International Peace Research Association. Jake has spent the past 15 years researching, developing, teaching and training in peace journalism – and practising it, as an experienced international reporter in television and newspapers. He was an on-air presenter, anchoring over a thousand half-hour news bulletins for BBC World TV.

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