Any thoughts about what our new war against Libya is really supposed to achieve?

Real democracies function properly when the most serious issues are debated fully and legally.

That’s not what has happened with the US and Libya.

Andrew Sullivan offers the insights:

“In the case of Libya, they just threw out their playbook. The fact that Obama pivoted on a dime shows that the White House is flying without a strategy and that we have a reactive presidency right now and not a strategic one,” – Steve Clemons, NAF.

In the same piece, we find out the following:

Congress was not broadly consulted on the decision to intervene in Libya, except in a Thursday afternoon classified briefing where administration officials explained the diplomatic and military plan. Rice was already deep in negotiations in New York.”

You don’t get a more classic example of an imperial presidency than that. The Congress might as well not exist. And a country goes to war on a dime – even against the wishes and judgment of the secretary of defense.

Hillary Clinton is pushing for a war with absolutely no clue what may happen.

Shame on all the Western journalists and commentators cheering on the no-fly zone with an understanding that goes no further than “we must do something“. If you want to be in the military, get in uniform and fight a war. If not, settle down.

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