Australia’s Labor party has no principles over Middle East

Following my story in yesterday’s Crikey about Sydney’s Marrickville council embracing BDS against Israel and the role of Federal Labor Minister Anthony Albanese, this appears in today’s Crikey:

What is Anthony Albanese’s position on the Palestinian issue? Albo in opposition went on a PLO-funded “study tour” of the West Bank and Gaza with Ali Kazak, the then-PLO rep in Australia. He’s supported the pro-Palestinian position of the ALP Left for decades. But he and Carmel Tebbutt oppose the Israel boycott established by Marrickville Council. The two positions aren’t mutually exclusive, of course, but one wonders what Albo might do to ensure Ms Tebbutt [his wife] hangs on against the Greens in a very tough fight in Marrickville.

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