Ban cheerleaders

And here we thought only Republicans were God-fearing ideologues. Think again. Wonkette reports:

“The state of Texas, birthplace of sexy cheerleading, continues its efforts to ban it: Yesterday, a bill passed the House and now it moves on to the Senate. Its sponsor, Democrat Al Edwards, thinks unprotected cheerleading leads to “young girls being pregnant in middle and high schools, dropping out of school, having babies, and contracting AIDS and herpes.” So in a way, a law against suggestive pom-pom twirling is probably a pretty fair compromise, because if Edwards finds out it’s actually sex that leads to all those things, who knows what legislation he’ll try to enact?”

UPDATE: Al Edwards offers his unique definition of sexually suggestive cheerleading: “Everyone has their own ideas about what a sexual movement is. But if you’re an adult and you’ve been involved in sex, you know it when you see it,” Edwards said.

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