Blogging every day keeps the doctor away

At least some British journalists understand where new media is going:

Journalists in the UK are more likely to be producing video content and blogging as part of their workload than their European counterparts, a new survey has suggested.

According to the European Digital Journalism Study, 61 per cent of UK respondents said their publications offered video or TV content as part of their online presence compared with 41 per cent of respondents from other European countries…

n addition to writing blogs the survey also suggest that blogs have become a staple part of the journalist’s newsgathering process. Around a quarter of those surveyed regularly quoted from blogs and a third using them to source stories.

The UK respondents in particular cited using blogs and other new media as a source for stories as one of the biggest changes to their work in the ‘digital age’.

The fact that the relevance of blogs is still debated in old media circles simply shows how irrelevant they are. Blogs are here to stay, with all their faults.

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