Defending a charlatan

David Klinghoffer is a Zionist writer, neo-conservative radical and defender of Jack Abramoff. His reasons for forgiving the fraudster are intriguing and typical of the arrogance associated with Zionist exceptionalism. Klinghoffer thinks that Abramoff did good things for the Jews – “supporting causes like Toward Tradition, two Orthodox schools, two kosher restaurants, and through private gifts to the needy” – and has apologised for his crimes, so critics should stop condemning him.

It is a deluded perspective. Because Jews assist other Jews – including funding Zionist extremists in the occupied territories – it doesn’t mean they are above the law, nor better human being. Jews exist with other people, non-Jews, and must abide by the laws of the land. Abramoff did not and should be punished. His deeds were not good simply because he was a Jew. Society should not treat somebody different because they are a Jew and have issued “regret.”

Klinghoffer seemingly believes that individuals like Abramoff are essentially good people – and wholesome Jews – and the law should take this into account. Perhaps they should move to a religious state like Israel, where such behaviour is both celebrated and encouraged.

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