Stop scaring us!

Shulamit Aloni, Haaretz, February 27:

The State of Israel is the strongest state in the region – militarily, economically, scientifically and culturally. It enjoys broad support from the United States and European countries. It has peaceful relations with Egypt and Jordan. We could even have built a peace arrangement with Lebanon and Syria, if we had wanted to, but certainly no threat is hovering over Israel from that direction.

But Benjamin Netanyahu is threatening us that they will throw us into the sea. Who? The Palestinians? Let’s say they want to – can they? Netanyahu and his supporters on the right and the extreme right need to scare us so that they can continue eating away at the Palestinians’ lands, just as long as everything is ours. This is the right and its doctrine.

But far more worrisome – in words and actions – are our generals, those in active duty and those who once were: Moshe Ya’alon and Shaul Mofaz. They order a strategy of power and more power, from here to eternity. They warn of a threatening future, both in Jordan and in Egypt. They launch provocative acts of aggression on the lands of the West Bank, and continue assassinations while ruining or murdering innocent people (without any ticking time bomb). All of this is to ensure that there will be action and risk, that the army will be given a larger budget, that the arms industry will grow and increase trade and that we will continue to worship our heroes who sacrifice their lives for our security.… 

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