Dershowitz in Sydney calls for quick little bombing run of Iran

Last night in Sydney – and what an event to miss! – Sydney Morning Herald political editor Peter Hartcher interviewed Alan Dershowitz. Hartcher is a perfect person, being a close friend of the lobby (along with receiving free trips to Israel).

Sounds like there were too many “highlights” to mention but this stands out:

Dershowitz said that the Israeli red line, a line which if crossed by Iran would invoke an attack, is six months ahead of America’s and he advocated a three day war by the U.S. to knock out Iran’s nuclear infrastructure in order to maintain peace in a region threatened by Iran’s nuclear capability.

War is peace. Bombing helps stability. Zionism is all about love.

With 2000 people hearing Dershowitz at this venue and no doubt many of them Jews who love the idea of a Zionist who speaks about glorious Israeli democracy, occupation and bombing Iran, my religion is sick, perhaps beyond repair.

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