Endorsing ethnic cleansing

Who knew that the internet giant Google would actually recognise Israel’s 1948 ethnic cleansing?

The northern town of Kiryat Yam is suing Internet giant Google for slander, a local official said Monday, because a feature of its worldwide map service shows the town was built on the ruins of an Arab village.… 

With Israel’s 60th anniversary just around the corner, will we have to suffer many more months of this?

Wake up, fellow Israelis, it’s over, we’ve won! What is more we’ve won a lot: more than 8,000 square miles out of the 10,400 square miles of the British Mandate for Palestine. And most Palestinians have accepted this territorially lopsided resolution of the 100-year-old dispute.

Really? This little Zionist fantasy will be short-lived. Israel’s current path of self-destruction is unlikely to last another 100 years.

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