Enemies here, enemies everywhere

The Third Jihad is “a groundbreaking film [that] exposes the truth and reveals what the media is not telling you about the Jihadist quest to rule America”:

This kind of film comes around pretty regularly these days. This is how it works. A bunch of neo-cons find a Muslim to denounce the “radicals” within their religion. The US is portrayed as a nation sleep-walking into tragedy. Not all Muslims are terrorists, we’re told, and yet many Muslims support “terrorism”. The serious-sounding Muslim commentator warns viewers that the “threat” from radical Islam is real and the very fabric of Western democracy is under threat.

In “The Third Jihad”, we’re initially told that only a small percentage of Muslims are “radicals”, then a few minutes later warned that “most” of America’s Muslim leadership supports extreme policies.

Islamist terrorism is a threat, of this there is no doubt. But such fear-mongering only provides ammunition for the usual suspects.

Co-opted Muslims should really think more carefully about with whom they work. The “anti-radical Islam industry” is always hungry for new Muslims to share their bile (and support yet another war against “terrorism” in the Arab world.)

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