Evidence of modern fascism rises in Germany

This week 15,000 people marched in Dresden, Germany against “Islamisation”, immigrants, globalisation, whatever. Far-right group Pegida organised the rally. My family is from Dresden, many perished in the Holocaust and only a few escaped with their lives. This growing fascist movement in Europe is deeply worrying. I was interviewed by VICE about it all:

Many have pointed to Germany’s past and the significance of these marches occurring in Dresden.… Antony Loewenstein, an atheist Jew,… journalist and Guardian columnist, said that because a lot of his family died in Dresden during World War Two, the thought of “anti-Islam Nazis marching through the streets is shocking.”… 
He told VICE News:… “These current marches are a chilling reminder that racism, hatred against minorities”¦ and dishonest appropriation of anti-Communist history is alive and well. PEGIDA… panders to ignorance and fear in a population that feels increasingly disconnected from globalization, blaming asylum seekers and Islam for problems of a privatised state.”

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