Greens deputy leader Dr Mehreen Faruqi launches The Palestine Laboratory

Last week in Sydney, I launched my new book, The Palestine Laboratory, at Gleebooks to a packed, overflowing audience.

The atmosphere was electric with a real appetite for hear about the reality of Israel’s occupation being a major export business.

I was introduced by Deputy Greens Leader, Senator Dr Mehreen Faruqi, who gave a powerful and insightful speech.

With her permission, I’m posting it here because it deserves a wide readership.

Here’s a teaser:

Today, it is…such a privilege to launch another masterpiece by Antony Lowenstein ‘The Palestine Laboratory – How Israel exports the technology of occupation around the world”.

Even just reading out the title sends shivers down my spine. To think that Palestinians are being used as test subjects, as effectively guinea pigs for Israel’s military weaponry and technology of surveillance, espionage, cyber warfare, phone-hacking, and house demolition gives you a window into the toxic ideology that drives settler-colonisation, oppression, violence and apartheid.

Read the whole thing: The Palestine Laboratory – launch

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