How many wrongs does it take?

As Salon’s Glenn Greenwald ably demonstrates, the many supposedly serious foreign policy “experts”, commentators and politicians warning about a nuclear Iran have been proven wrong by the latest NIE report.

And yet the mainstream media still publish those who were criminally wrong about Iraq and seemingly want America to launch yet another pre-emptive strike against the Islamic Republic:

Yet as always in our political culture, those hungry for American wars — both old and new — are, by definition, Serious and Respectable, and those who try to stop such wars (such as ElBaredei) are losers and “apologists” whose judgment and allegiances are equally suspect. Just compare the Very Serious Fred Hiatt’s fact-free, war-pursuing attacks on Mohamed ElBaradei in both 2002 and 2007 with the fact that ElBaradei — both times — was absolutely right on the most vital matters of the day, and one finds all one needs to know about how sad and broken our political establishment is.

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