How to be crazy in Israel and happy

Yoel Marcus in Haaretz:

The ready availability of weapons in a country where the entire nation is in the army has turned us into a violent society. It was truly unbelievable to see a soldier shooting a bound Palestinian in the leg while his commander held the man down. Or to see border policemen freely abusing residents of the territories. Such mutations have left us shameless and utterly without inhibition.

Thus we have reached a situation in which, for example, Interior Minister Eli Yishai personally urges District Court Judge Moshe Drori to acquit Itamar Biton, the son of Hadera’s chief Sephardi rabbi, because he was due to become a rabbinical court judge, even though he had been caught on camera trying to run over cashier Noga Zoraish in cold blood – just to avoid paying NIS 18.

You have to be blind not to notice that our domestic security situation has long since spiraled out of control. Thus, in addition to demanding that the latest abominable murder be solved, the government must set up a ministerial committee on domestic security and immediately launch an effective campaign against vandalism, hatred, violence, corruption, drunkenness and, above all, the brutalization of the State of Israel.

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