How to pressure the abusers

An important message from US group Jewish Voice for Peace:

Let CAT know what you think. We will hand-deliver your message.

Next Wednesday, June 10th, 2009, Caterpillar will hold its annual shareholder meeting. For the sixth year in a row, Jewish Voice for Peace will be there to tell the company to get out of the business of demolishing Palestinian homes.

You can come to the shareholder meeting with us. If you send a letter to CAT by June 9th, we will print it and deliver it in person to the CAT Board of Directors. Help us bring thousands of letters to the Board’s attention.

When you send your email, we will also immediately forward a copy to CAT’s Office of Business Practices, the office in charge of ensuring that the corporation manages its business ethically. Remind CAT that profiting from Palestinian home demolitions is not ethical.

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