If Hamas murders innocents, we’ll say so

Some pro-Israeli Palestinians (yes, they exist) are accusing the Western media of ignoring human rights abuses committed by Hamas.

Maybe some are but I seriously question the claim that Israeli violence is somehow more news-worthy. Hamas atrocities are regularly slammed in the Western media, as they should be. Take this (though the alleged source, Fatah, needs to be remembered):

Channel 10 and Channel 2 TV on Monday broadcast video that appeared to show Hamas forces killing Gaza rebels believed to be part of an extremist group during an armed confrontation earlier this month.

The video of the Aug. 15 clash shows what appears to be black-clad Hamas militants firing at rebels pinned in a mosque courtyard and mowing them own during a fierce exchange of fire. In two scenes, Hamas militants appeared to be executing captives by gunfire at close range…

The stations said the blurred, jumpy video was taken by cell phone from across the street. Channel 2 said Hamas rival Fatah distributed the video.

Channel 10 also broadcast a recording of what it said was the Hamas military communication channel, ordering Hamas forces to execute everyone.

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