Important background to the Marrickville BDS story

Following my post earlier today about the issue of BDS in Australia and the role of Australian politicians siding blindly with the Zionist state, an insider sent me the following information which provides essential understanding of the truth behind the story. If you think politicians who embrace Israel are principled, think again:

Sadly, this is not really about the issue of Palestine and Israel or even the Greens political party. It’s just more internal game playing by the Right.

A meeting of the Labor Left in 2010, attended by Luke Foley, Anthony Albanese, Andrew Ferguson and others, actually endorsed the BDS against Israel. Unanimously.
It wasn’t until Albanese saw an opening for political opportunism that he flipped, started attacking Greens party candidate Fiona Byrne and putting heavy pressure on his own Marrickville Councillors, particularly Mary O’Sullivan and then Deputy Mayor Sam Iskandar.
Iskandar (Albanese’s main numbers man) was holding firm under an immense amount of pressure to back down.

The real crunch was when the Greens party councillor Max Phillips publicly caved in and declared in the Sydney Morning Herald that he was now going to oppose the BDS. With no chance of the BDS remaining in place, Iskandar was off the hook and voted against it on the floor of council.

What does all this tell us (for those of you still reading this and remembering the internal politics at play)? Taking a stand against Israel, or at least its occupation, is growing worldwide (including in Britain) and the Jewish community establishment are freaking out, putting all kinds of pressure on journalists and politicians to make sure the party line is maintained. It’ll fail, of course, but in the meantime the ALP is happy to side with a Zionist lobby that can cause far more pain electorally than the Arab or Palestinian communities.

In the meantime, Palestine is ignored.

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