Israeli blogger documenting his country’s descent into fascism

Haaretz reports:

“It’s important for me to say that personally I love this country,” Shaltiel says. “I would not be doing all this if I didn’t love it.” But the erosion of the foundations of democracy here is gathering momentum, he says, a process he naturally feels more intensely since he started to collect information.

“I call it the ‘inflation’ of the slope,” he says. “If I were to star each post in terms of how ‘slope-y’ it is, Chomsky would have once received five stars, but today he wouldn’t get two.

“At bottom, what’s most important is for American Jews to read the blog, because they don’t have a clue. The American liberal left is liberal toward everything in the world other than Israel, and I think they need a push. In Israel I would like Labor or Kadima voters – people who consider themselves sane and normal, people who love this country – to see which bills their party voted for in the Knesset, and to see what the IDF is doing in their name in the territories. I would like them to just enter every day, and try to explain it to themselves.”

Here’s the blog in English.

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