Jewish identity in an post-identity world

RicenPeas are one of Britain’s most interesting independent documentary film companies. In its monthly interview series, I was asked about the role of Israel/Palestine in my work:

As a Jew living in Australia, I was always curious why most Jews expressed uncritical love towards Israel and were able to defend, justify and explain every single one of its actions. But this wasn’t love; it was blind obedience. Even raising such issues with many Jews caused discomfort and rage. I decided a number of years ago that Israel should be held to the high standards of every other nation on earth, no matter the tortured history of the Jewish people during the 20th century. The Jewish community generally reacted harshly to the book [My Israel Question] – though it was a best-seller in Australia and was recently released in the US – and were upset that I dared challenge Israeli policies in the occupied territories, or question the actions of the Zionist lobby and present alternative Jewish and Palestinian voices rarely heard in the mainstream. A believer in universal human rights supports equal rights for all, not just a favoured religious group or race. I remain a proud atheist Jew.

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