JNews is a Jewish-led news service

Just the latest concrete proposal to not allow hardline Zionists the only platform to be heard about the Middle East:

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the most destabilising conflicts in the world. Yet consumers of media receive confusing messages about what is happening in the region, who is responsible for the regular outbreaks of violence and what could and should be done to reach a comprehensive and just peace.

All too often, the experiences, concerns and needs of ordinary people on the ground are lost in a fog of partisan rhetoric. And the ubiquitous use of a language of international affairs-speak, which glibly repeats such terms and phrases as “security”, “terrorism”, “peace process”, “honest broker” and “confidence-building”, prevents a deeper understanding of the complex forces at work.

There is therefore an urgent need for reliable, real-time information, authoritative and expert commentary, and deeper and more courageous analysis – all of which must be informed by a primary concern for human rights and social justice. JNews – Alternative Jewish Perspectives on Israel and Palestine is being launched today to answer this need.

An initiative of a group of British Jews, JNews will make its output available to the British and international media through its website. It will feature news and stories focusing on the lives of Israelis and Palestinians and on the work of organisations and individuals struggling to protect and promote human rights and create conditions in Israel and Palestine in which social justice can prevail.

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